Welcome to Mount Zion Institute Alumni International Fellowship (MZIAIF). MZIAIF is the international alumni fellowship of the global Christian Drama & Film Institute of Mount Zion Faith Ministry International, founded by Evangelist Mike Bamiloye. Mount Zion Faith Ministry International is the leading Christian film maker in Africa with a rapidly growing alumni fellowship of Christian film makers all over the world. The alumni fellowship of the local institute, Mount Zion Institute Alumni Association (MZIAA), began about 30 years ago in Nigeria. However, COVID-19 gave the opportunity for an online engagement of the Mount Zion Institute which gave birth to the MZIAIF (Mount Zion Institute Alumni International Fellowship) on August 8th, 2020, with the aim to raise millions of drama & film armies across the world.

Our Objective

To encourage the growth of Christian drama ministers, ministries, and bodies through training, conferences, workshops, information sharing, and networking, especially in film productions.

MZIAF is currently active in 5 regions, which are divided into 14 zones. We are present in 64 countries of the world.

The Five Regions

1. Africa-Middle East Region – Covering all African countries (except Nigeria) and the Middle East countries

2. Americas Region – Covering North and South America countries

3. Australasia Region – Covering Australia Pacific countries and Asian countries except the Middle East

4. Europe Region – Covering all European countries

5. Nigeria Region

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